Work on KHD

The first day an excavator EVER worked on KHD to form the road

We have added a Picture page showing some of the work being done (or that has already been done) on KHD.  When KHD was purchased there was no access, no road, just a large hill of  jungle. The photo here shows DAY 1 of the excavator when the road began.

The story: First a  Topographical study to get the contours right, then  Gary Fells from the acclaimed “G Fab” architects in Bali designed the road. ( thanks Gary).  An excavator arrived and the road began.  Greg an engineer form the USA helped oversee ( RIP Greg) From those first days on its been a daily grind for many local people here, as they have painstakingly carried rock and mixed cement to form drains and walls.

The side drains and under road drains and retaining are done and the road is strong. Finally we a forming a concrete road.

We have come a long way as you will see for yourself when you visit KHD.  The hard stuff is complete, But with 20 more hectare, sitting in wait in the beautful Kuta Green area, we have a wee way to go 🙂

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