KUTA is a small coastal town, positioned nicely between many stunning beaches, surf breaks  and also not too far from waterfalls and  beautiful  rice fields. The local people are Sasak and chances are if you stay more than a few days you will be “adopted” into a locals home and given royal treatment. Until recently they earned money through fishing and growing crops like rice, but tourism is booming now, so the focus is changing and in fact a school dedicated to hospitality is about to be built to give local people the skills for the fast expansion of hotels and restaurants. When you come to Kuta, you can visit a traditional Sasak village and learn for yourself, the history and traditions of these beautiful people.

Until very recently Kuta was a sleepy hollow with just surfers and Backpackers passing through. That has quickly changed. The Government is spending millions investing in Kuta and at the moment the local beach area is being transformed with a beach walk  forming, and shops, restaurants to be built. This is the beginning of   The Mandalika Project ( look it up) and the once sleepy town is coming of age. With clear evidence of over crowding in Bali and narrow main streets, the government has seen fit to build large roads and get the infrastructure in place, before the crowds arrive, to make sure Kuta Lombok develops with some style.

Yes there are other places on the southern coast just as beautiful as Kuta, but Kuta is the Hub. The beauty of living here right in Kuta, is it has the western fixes at your doorstep. Educated doctors, shops for supplies, restaurants, night life, rubbish collections, a great community of ex pats already settled here. During the day you can leave your home and  go where ever you want to, in any direction, and then come back to fab restaurants and the Kuta buzz..

The stunning beauty of Kuta and areas of the south Coast is bringing tourists from all over the world. With the Governments clear commitment  here, to make Kuta world class, many tourists are starting to settle and live. People visiting can see this place is about to explode  globally and the potential for living, earning and having a fabulous life style here compelling, What stopped some was, if they had school age children, there was no international school, here in Kuta.

A new International school has just opened right here in Kuta and just a few minutes walk from Kuta Heights. It is called Rinjani Indah (Rinjani is Lomboks biggest mountain and Indah means beautiful) website :  www.rinjaniindahschool.com

If you want the glitze of Bali, its only a 20 minute drive from Kuta to the airport and a 30 minute flight. But if you want great beaches, delicious local and expat food, stunning scenery, a place to recharge, or the fun of surf, diving, snorkling, fun night life, then Kuta Lombok might just suit you .

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