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Until recently Lombok was Bali’s sleepy cousin. But she is starting to stir. Many tourists say she is Bali 20 years ago, no crowds, quiet and beautiful. Things are changing fast.

At the southern end of the island is Kuta (sometimes called Kute). Until now Kuta was a long way from the airport and tourists, but things are changing rapidly in Kuta with a new international airport virtually completed. Lombok is fast becoming the international hub in this part of the world.

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The new international airport is just a 20 minute drive from Kuta Beach. Currently, all domestic flights depart and arrive from here. So it's an international plane ride to Bali, just one flight to Lombok and then 20 minutes in a car. It is no surprise then that investors are starting to arrive in full force and the surfers and divers that have always just come for a month or so a year to surf some of the best spots in the world or explore the beautiful reefs in Sepi bay are starting to buy a chunk of paradise. With it’s unspoilt beauty and so much to do and see, Kuta is becoming the tourist hub of Lombok. A new four lane highway has arrived in Kuta from the airport.

At present Kuta has just the four star Novatel and some guest accommodation from backpackers to 3 star (click here to read more about local accommodation and restaurants) but recently the Indonesian government has been in discussions with some high flyers to produce two five star hotels, a golf course and some condominiums on 1200 plus hectare in the bay next to Kuta. Over the past six months, there are little restaurants going up everywhere, a new health clinic with western style doctors, and at last a cafe with real coffee!

There is a support town being rumoured near the airport and Kuta is going to need all of the trappings of western society so if you want to come and start a business here opportunity abounds...

Majestic Lombok

Majestic LOMBOK ISLAND BY- Kamera udara

Posted by LOMBOK ISLAND on Wednesday, April 1, 2015


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Island Life

The south coast of Lombok is full of beautiful sheltered bays and the only settlement with restaurants and a few shops to purchase artefacts or clothing is Kuta. It is a great base to explore the southern coast from. While there are cars and motorbikes here now, many people still get around in the local “Lombok Ferraris” which are horse and carts that go to and from the market. The traffic lights (local cows walking across the road and not stopping) are a delight and give everyone a chuckle.

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Kuta is a fishing village so bring a boat! Fresh fish, prawns, and squid are always on the menu along with fresh locally produced fruit and vegetables. The “locals” are a hard working bunch and keen to see Kuta develop as they see the opportunities for themselves and their children. Many speak some English now and that makes life easy for visitors. You will walk around and hear the catch phrase “Hello, where are you going?” Children will offer you bracelets but you don’t get the Bali “hard sell”.

The problem before was the only land for sale has been in big blocks, fraught with problems and double ownership, and most people just want a place with a view, to come to and from, stay a while each time and leave knowing it is in good hands.

Two ex-pats who wanted to settle here have recognised that and produced Kuta Heights. The first western style development in Kuta Lombok, on the hills overlooking the beautiful Kuta bay.

A wise investment

In Kuta, not only can people invest in land that is at least 20 times less, than land in a comparable spot in Bali, they get better value in build costs and with the new airport completed, the values are expected to rise dramatically. The local real estate companies have said over the last 5 years land values have risen 100% per year.

Kuta Heights management will offer a full service and offer you all or any parts of the following: We can recommend architects, oversee the building of your villa, have it cleaned while you are here or away, have security watch over it and a gardener to keep the weeds at bay. We may even be able to provide inexpensive long stay accommodation for you, while you stay and build.

There are covenants on Kuta Heights to protect your investment and make sure that the quality of the homes produced around you will be of an equal or higher standard.