Kuta Heights

KHD is a development conceived  by two New Zealanders, who fell in love with Kuta and wanted a small block of land to build a holiday home on. No such thing existed. They talked to others who said they would also love it if someone would create a development, where they could  help them build,  look after a property when they were away. Close to the beach and town. That is how KHD began. The Kiwis decided to stay and make that a reality.


Kuta Heights Development is the CLOSEST development to Kuta Beach and town, 3 minute drive to Kuta beach and just an 18 minute drive to the new international airport. We have the Primo position in Southern Lombok, and you can have a slice of it too. Once you purchase land on KHD we help you as much or as little as you would like: securing designers, builders, and once your home is built, we can do any or all of the following: manage your property completely when you are not in residence, or if you want to rent it, we can help find tenants. Whether you rent it out or not, we can have some one in to clean your home or pool and change linens or full housekeeping. Our involvement level is up to you.

What started as 9 hectare has now grown, into something more the size of a village… 27 hectares, a secure global village, just a few minutes to the beach and 3 minutes drive to the excitement of all the restaurants and bars in Kuta. With the beauty of returning to a safe secure development at night, where you are away from the noise and above the tsunami line.

Kuta Lombok is on track to be one of the top destinations in Asia. People from all corners of the globe have purchased land and begun to settle here  over the last few years. It has the charm of Bali without the crowds and pressure, and KHD land is priced at less than a 5th of similar land in Bali.

If you want to have a slice of paradise for a minimal outlay, where your investment will only appreciate, in an area set to become a ” must go to, ” holiday destination, then Kuta Heights is for you.

We have two  areas on Kuta Heights. One is an Area  with substantial Sea views and that is “Kuta Heights“. The other area is the very quiet, peaceful valley and hill area, where birdsong is the biggest sound you will hear. This is  “Kuta Green“.

We take the pain out of purchasing and the worry out of being away.

Whatever you decide to do, come and visit Kuta and get in touch, even if you are just passing through. The people here are amazing, the scenery stunning, and the views from KHD are world class. It is incredibly inexpensive here to live and eat out and feel like “Kings and Queens” in this little paradise. There are fantastic beaches and surf spots in either direction (within 10-30 minutes of Kuta) but they don’t have the infrastructure, doctors, markets, restaurants,  and town presence that Kuta has, so we decided Kuta was the place to settle.

We thought investing here was a sensible, exciting thing to do: we think you might too 🙂

With well over 20 hectare of land still to develop, we have a block to meet everyone’s need. Whether you want a small spot for a house, a large area for a retreat, boutique hotel, restaurant, or surf camp. Or you want to purchase a Large block to sit on and develop in years to come, Call us to arrange a time to come and view our slice of Paradise.