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A fairytale beginning

In 2009 two New Zealanders on their way to America came to Lombok for a look. They fell in love with this area and decided to leave the USA adventure for another day (they are glad they did).They liked that Kuta Lombok was still in the early stages of development and was not noisy and crowded like parts of Bali had become. They thought they might like to have a home here but there were no western houses to purchase and few small parcels of land for sale. Other visitors they met in Kuta said they wished there were some small parcels of land as well...where they could build a house and come and go from. So the “kiwis” teamed up with Indonesian partners, looked at all the Property for sale signs, purchased a hill overlooking the Bay, a 3 minute drive to the beach, and now Kuta Heights Development is the first small plot development in Kuta, Lombok. We are producing a quality product for people that like the best without the stress.

Why Kuta?

There are many beautiful bays in Southern Lombok that we could have put a development in, but Kuta town is the “hub” for southern Lombok. The new international airport is about a 20 minute drive away. Currently, all domestic flights depart and arrive from here, and now International flights direct to and from KL Singapore and Perth, with many more routes  in the pipeline. So it's an international plane ride to Bali, just one flight to Lombok and then 20 minutes in a car.

Also Kuta has a western Doctor, many restaurants and facilities and “the comforts” Westerners expect and enjoy. The new upgraded roads, power and water supply are heading to Kuta before the other towns. We enjoy eating out within a few minutes of our home and not having to drive far for supplies. Other towns here didn’t have the infrastructures in place, to do that, but Kuta did, so Kuta seemed right.

Also the Indonesian Government is working hard with some major investors to create five star resorts and a golf course in the next bay. It made sense to place this development near the action, where people will get better long term value on their investment and have everything at hand!

The people?

Most of the locals have some English skills and enjoy practising them. This takes the pressure off new visitors. They are friendly and enjoy having westerners in their town. They will take you into their homes and their hearts. You will quickly be invited to a wedding or a celebration. Their children are great and for those of you that wish, there are still opportunities here to give a hand up to those that need it.

What is there to do?

You can eat out every day somewhere different and all at very inexpensive restaurants with fresh fish, meats, veges and fruit. You can surf some of the best breaks in the world, snorkel, go fishing, hiking, swim at a safe beach, visit a waterfall or climb a mountain, go out for cocktails, or if you wish you can just chill out and relax.

Where do we stay while we build?

We have access to a house at a modest rent for anyone who wants to stay for a month or more for some or all of the process. We have compiled a useful list of places to stay and eat (click on the link) if you are coming short term, whatever your budget. Or you can stay home and we will build for you.

What does Kuta Heights look like?

Sites from 35 meters above sea level to 130 meters, on a hill facing the south coast .We are creating a beautiful entrance which is right off the new bypass road, a 3 minute drive to the ocean. With about 27 hectares of land, all adjoining, Kuta Heights will be a first class place to live.

What kind of Road?

(Click on images to enlarge)

Digger Building RoadWe are spending a HUGE amount of money on completing the road because during the wet season you will get sudden intense downpours. The downpour might only last an hour then beautiful sunshine again, but if the road is left as just a dirt road then by spring you will not be driving up that road again. You do not have to look far to see examples of this all around the area. (We strongly suggest whomever you purchase from, make sure there is a finished sealed road in the pipeline, and clear explanation of who is providing it, as the cost of creating one is major).

For more photos of the road construction, click here to go to the Gallery page where we have more images.

How wide is the road?

6 meters and more on the corners.

What are the views from the sites?

(Click on images to enlarge)


All sites look towards the Bay and also have a “side view to the west” of the beautiful township, the hills and the valleys and Palm trees below. Some also look toward the north as well. Kuta Green area in stage 2 has stunning Jungle views,bird song, cashew, tamarind, bamboo and coconut trees.

What makes this development Unique?

It is the only development in Kuta. Also we have certificated land. (We strongly suggest whomever you purchase from, that the land is certificated).

We wanted to make the whole process here easy. In the past many people purchased sporadic land in Lombok and are still waiting for a certificate 3-4 years on! KHD land has a certificate so no waiting to build.

Others have purchased on roads alongside many other owners from other countries. Their roads are dirt and they are not able to contact or get agreement with the others on what kind of road to build or road maintenance and who will pay what. Meanwhile their access is deteriorating to the point of becoming non accessible. We take care of that on Kuta Heights.

It can be difficult to get started here (ask us!) the language barrier, for starters. It is not easy to find Lawyers and Notaries you can trust or understand, or find shops to get the things you need for building, or for furniture and fittings. With KHD you have options. You can buy a small plot and sit on it for an investment. When you choose to build, you can build yourself a home or have us build for you. We can recommend Lawyers, Architects and Builders, we can look after the staff and grounds and rent out of the property for you when you are away. We can point you in the direction of where to go for supplies, or all, or none, or some, of the above.


Kuta is on track to be one of the top destinations in Asia. People from all over the world have purchased land and begun to settle here over the last few years. It has the charm of Bali without the crowds and pressure and our land is priced at less than a 5th of the cost of a similar view in Kuta Bali. If you want to have a slice of paradise for a minimal outlay, where your investment will only appreciate, in an area set to become a “must go to” holiday destination, then Kuta Heights is for you. We take the pain out of purchasing and the worry out of you being away.

Whatever you decide to do, come and visit Kuta and get in touch even if you are just passing through. The people here are amazing, the scenery stunning and the views are world class. It is incredibly inexpensive here to live and eat out and feel like “kings and queens” in this little piece of paradise. We thought investing here was a sensible, exciting, thing to do; we think you might too.

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